First opened in the early 1920s, Lylian was an outgrowth of the Acadian Handicraft Project, which put gifted seamstresses from southwest Louisiana, many of whom still spoke only in Cajun French, in touch with stores and buyers in New Orleans. They made everything from baby clothes to embroidered evening gowns for such bygone stores as Maison Roff, the precursor to Maison Blanche. The first Lylian Shop was in the French Quarter, selling the same breathtakingly beautiful handmade children clothes that are still being made today.

Lylian Esty Suit


Lylian Esty Suit


The Lylian Esty suit is made from poplin blend fabric with white fagotting on the collar and cuffs. The suit a lose features mother of pearl buttons.

(Also available in white)

Handmade in New Orleans

NOTE: Lylian is made to order and may take six to eight weeks to ship. 

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